Teach English as a Foreign Language in Asia, South America, the Middle East and Europe with a TEFL course. Travel the world and live in foreign countries while teaching.

With more than one billion people wanting to learn English around the world, TEFL offers an unforgettable experience and is the perfect choice to explore the world, discover new cultures, boost your CV / Resume, and earn a fantastic salary while doing it!

There are literally hundreds of vacancies for English teachers around the world. Choose from the wonderful beaches and ancient history of the Far East, to the tropical climate and vibrant culture of Latin America, momentous history, breath-taking landscapes and stunning architecture of Europe – and last but not least – the Middle East, a region rich in history, with a  booming economy and offering tax-free salaries.



Master TEFL Course - 150 Hour TEFL Course


This is our complete course. 150 hours of training means you are better trained and employers will recognise you are serious about teaching English as a Foreign Language. Tutor support, job placement assistance and much more.

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Professional TEFL Course - 120 Hour TEFL Course


This course provides the key credentials required to get a teaching job overseas. Great choice to enhance your employment opportunities. Tutor support and job placement assistance.

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Intermediate TEFL Course - 60 Hour TEFL Course


This course is best for you if you want to learn the core principles of teaching English as a foreign language. Some employers will employ you with just a 60 hour certificate. Tutor support.

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Basic TEFL Course - 40 Hour TEFL Course


This course is best for you if you are looking for an insight into the world of TEFL. Learn the basic principles of teaching English as a Foreign Language. Upgrade anytime.

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TEFL Graduate has been independently accredited by IARC (International Approved and Recognition Council) for their TEFL courses.  

We have undergone a rigorous accreditation process and have met all the requirements set by the council. The council is focused on ensuring quality and consistency of courses and services provided by our organisation.

Recognition by IARC provides an assurance that we have satisfied a set of academic, ethical and operational standards. IARC standards are unanimously agreed upon by the committee and members.

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I found TEFL Graduate’s 150 Hour Master Course to be an excellent entry point into the world of English Language teaching. Its coherent structure and refreshingly practical approach have equipped me with a clear understanding of what’s required to teach effectively. In particular, I found the equal emphasis placed throughout the course on each of the ‘four skills’ (listening, speaking, reading and writing) to be most beneficial. The tutor support is also of a high standard, with prompt marking of assignments and useful feedback provided. Thanks to TEFL Graduate, I can now picture myself standing at the top of the classroom, chalk in hand, ready to begin teaching!
Paul Harrington
I am so happy to have finally completed my 150 Hour TEFL Graduate Master Course! This course was very comprehensive, informative and was filled with invaluable resources. The feedback I received by my tutor was very encouraging, especially when it came to feedback for improvement. I am very excited to have found work in a language school in China after receiving my TEFL certificate. This experience has been very informative and I will definitely recommend this TEFL course to friends.
Omar Elmenofy
I received the TEFL Graduate 150-Hour course as a gift and it was the perfect birthday present! The team cannot be praised enough for the preparation and confidence which they give their students. The modules were interesting, well-structured and composed in such a way that you got a real grasp of what teaching in different countries and with all age groups must be like.

My tutor got in touch first thing in a very helpful email and her feedback was illuminating and useful as I progressed through the units.

What’s great about the coursework is that it succeeds in giving students the tools they need to start teaching. Many elements, such as how to plan lessons, were completely new but explained clearly and reinforced with videos and assignments. While I knew bits and pieces about linguistics before the course, what I needed to know about the topic was all set down from scratch in the modules, therefore students can access TEFL without the need for previously acquired knowledge. Well done on providing an excellent course!

Matthew Smith-Mearns
I have really enjoyed doing TEFL with TEFL graduate. I learned so much throughout the course which will definitely help my teaching experience in China this coming year. The course was extremely thorough and informative and my tutor was efficient in marking my assignments and gave sufficient feedback on my work. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone thinking of doing a TEFL course!
Tom Johnson
I really enjoyed the course and it’s content, and I will reccomend it to my friends and other early stage EFL teachers. The support team were on hand with immediate assistance which I consider very important. I look forward to initiating further courses with this company.
Christine Rees
The 40 hour grammar course is an excellent starting point for learning to teach English. It is well laid out and easy to follow, making grammar rules interesting to learn. Great little course. Highly recommend it!
Tom Page
This is my first experience of an online course so I had no idea what to expect and, if I am to be entirely honest, was anticipating the worst. But I was wrong. I thought the way the course was presented in modules with tests to allow you to take stock of the learning was excellent. I liked having my own tutor who was very credible and supportive and reacted speedily to my communications. I got completely immersed in the topics and found it increasingly interesting. Despite being a trained teacher of adults with two degrees the course stretched me and taught me a great deal. In fact, to my amazement, I am considering a follow up course!
Cherry Nixon
The modules are well designed, being highly informative and easy to navigate. The interactive exercises are encouraging and the end of module tests are both rewarding and an excellent indicator of competence. Tutor feedback was prompt and insightful. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to begin their TEFL journey
Chris Leaver
I really enjoyed studying for the TEFL certificate. The structure and expectations of the course were very clear and the online experience was easy to navigate. A lot was covered in the course which I feel has prepared me well for teaching English in a variety of capacities. The tutor, too was very helpful with her feedback and marked each assignment within the time frame promised. Overall, a very positive learning experience.
Lorraine Wallace
This course was clear and straight forward and the modules were well written with clear instruction on what was needed to pass each module. I really enjoyed the fact I could complete it when I felt I could and therefore it fit easily around my daily schedule. I enjoyed the course and passed it easily.
Holly Hallam
I very much enjoyed this course. It was very good for reminding myself of all the grammar that we all learn without realising when English is your first language. I have done lots of training for teaching adults in other areas, however still learnt valuable lessons, particularly on cultural differences. It was easy to navigate through the various levels. Feedback from tutors was prompt and useful.
Jacqui Claridge