40 Hour Grammar Course

Grammar is used in everyday life and knowing it makes you a more confident teacher. It´s vital for your TEFL career. Our online course will also give you an additional certificate to add to your TEFL CV. It’s perfect for anyone, even if you don´t have any previous knowledge of English Grammar.

  1. What is Grammar?
  2. Key Reasons for Teaching Grammar
  3. Designed for You
  4. British/American English
  5. Self-Correcting quizzes
1.1 What are Word Classes/Parts of Speech?

1.2 Word Classes can also be Classified

1.3 Summary of the Word Classes

1.4 Most common Words in Some Word Classes

2.1 Present Simple Tense

2.2 Past Simple Tense

2.3 Future Simple Tense

2.4 Present Perfect Simple Tense

2.5 Past Perfect Tense

2.6 Future Perfect Tense

2.7 Present Continuous Tense

2.8 Past Continuous Tense

2.9 Future Continuous Tense

2.10 Present Perfect Continuous Tense

2.11 Past Perfect Continuous Tense

2.12 Future Perfect Continuous Tense

3.1 Nouns

3.2 Different Types of Nouns

3.3 Pronouns

3.4 Determiners

4.1 Adjectives

4.2 Adverbs

5.1 Prepositons

5.2 Conjunctions

6.1 Auxiliary Verbs

6.2 Modal Verbs

6.3 Conditional Forms

7.1 Word Order

7.2 Sentence

8.1 Idioms

8.2 Collactions

8.3 Direct and Reported/Indirect Speech

8.4 Active/Passive Constructions

8.5 Imperatives

9.1 What are Phrasal Verbs?

9.2 The Difficulty with Phrasal Verbs

9.3 The Characterisitics of Phrasal Verbs

9.4 Teaching Phrasal Verbs

10.1 Practice, Reflection and a Modern Approach

10.2 Teaching Grammar in the Young Learners’ Classroom

10.3 Teaching Grammar to “Younger” Young Learners

10.4 Teaching Grammar to “Older” Young Learners

10.5 Teaching Grammar to Young Adults and Adults


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