60 Hour TEFL Course

Our 60 hour TEFL Course will give you a great insight into the world of teaching English abroad, online, volunteering or a  Gap Year. It will provide you with the core principles of teaching English as a foreign language.

60 hour TEFL Course Units

Why is it that EFL teachers are so in demand, what are the main difficulties that students have when trying to learn English and what are some of the teaching methods and approaches that have been used in the TEFL classroom over the years?

We will equip you not only with the knowledge you need to teach English, but also help you get to the root of what it is that makes a good teacher so that you can employ this knowledge effectively in the classroom.

A big part of being a highly effective teacher is knowing what it is that makes your students tick, understanding the different reasons why they are in the classroom and the variety of ways in which individuals learn. We will give you the tools to find out how to access this information and put it to use in the classroom from the word go.

A practical look at the aspects of pronunciation that you need to help your students with and lots of tips and ideas on how to do this.

We will make you confident in your knowledge of English grammar and show you how to teach it in a fun, accessible way.

Knowing how to plan an effective lesson is the key to being a good teacher and here we will teach you how to put all your knowledge together to do just that.


Master tefl course


This is our complete course. 150 hours of training means you are better trained and employers will recognise you are serious about teaching English as a Foreign Language. Tutor support, job placement assistance and much more.

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120 hour tefl course


This course provides the key credentials required to get a teaching job overseas. Great choice to enhance your employment opportunities. Tutor support and job placement assistance.

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