Alex Parker – Japan

Since the idea of moving to Japan and teaching entered my mind and then the process I took to make this idea a reality, TEFL has been an indispensable supporter. After completing my master TEFL course, TEFL graduate aided me greatly in seeking work in Japan and after a period Yokoso Japan also became involved. With both groups help I was successful and found myself in contact with a school in the Kansai area of Japan. Once I was accepted, Yokoso Japan was a fantastic help in applying for my visa. They offered advice and support the whole way. Even after moving and settling down to my new life, TEFL graduate and Yokoso Japan maintained regular contact and support.
My time at the school was enjoyable and I truly loved my moments with the students. Colleagues were understanding and helpful in making feel relaxed and sought to make my life as easy a transition as possible. The school was the first school I’ve ever taught at abroad and the experience has been positive. Kobe and Osaka the two closest cities to me were amazing, both offering different experiences. Osaka being a high tech, fashionable night city and Kobe being a beautiful, scenic city with lots of great food and shopping malls. I met fantastic people all over Kansai and the people were all ways friendly and welcoming to me.
Overall, I believe the process of following this at first, small thought and making it this wonderful experience may never have happened without TEFL graduate helping me along the way. I am highly grateful of their support and brilliant staff.
Having my current experience drawing to an end I’m excited at the next prospect TEFL has to offer me as I look to my future.
I look forward to my next adventure!

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