Teach English in or near: Buenos Aires, Mendoza, San Miguel de Tucumán, La Plata


Argentina is the southern-most and second largest country in South America, offering a temperate climate as well as varied landscapes arguably unrivalled anywhere in the world. From the jaw-dropping peaks of the Andes range to the west to the majestic and almost completely untouched expanses of Patagonia in the south, Argentina is a larger-than-life country boasting an enviable catalogue of natural wonders.

Argentina’s cultural offerings are just as impressive however, and if you are a horse Polo fan, no country in the world comes close to taking the sport as seriously as the Argentines. Massive cattle ranches famous for the ‘Gauchos’ (mounted ranch-hands) constitute a unique feature and the famous Tango is a cultural treasure that says a lot about the ‘lively’ locals. The capital Buenos Aires offers most of teaching opportunities in Argentina, but demand is increasing in a vast country full of varied and colourful South American character.


Argentina is a very sophisticated country and English is widely spoken in urban Argentina as a second language. Nevertheless there is still a high demand for skilled and / or experienced TEFL qualified native English speakers to teach English in private language schools and International schools and as private tutors across the country – and although it is not as easy to get work in a public school, it is not impossible. It’s widely accepted, though far from official policy, that women find it far easier to get jobs teaching English as a foreign language in Argentina. Rates of pay can also vary considerably depending on school and location, but opportunities to earn well as a private tutor abound. It’s easier to find work once you are in Argentina as face-to-face interviews are preferred and employers are often relaxed when it comes to paperwork formalities, but if you wish to work in a state-run school or International school with a work permit and appropriate visa you should try apply from outside.

Teaching English at Private Language Schools

Private language schools in Argentina offer many teaching positions for TEFL graduates happy to teach adults – from university level students to business-people in the corporate, government and tourism spheres. The level of teaching required is consequently quite high and although there is high demand, a University degree plus existing teaching experience will be best complimented by a TEFL certificate.

Most of these language schools are situated in Buenos Aires, but there are schools all over Argentina in or near major centres. There are opportunities to teach children of all ages through private language schools, but it’s less common, and you will most likely need age-appropriate experience. Teaching hours can vary but many classes take place at night or on weekends – both on-site and off-site.

Teaching English at International Schools

International schools can be approached from outside of Argentina if you want to go the formal route and have a school help you arrange visas and work permits. Again, the more you can offer in addition to your TEFL certificate by way of tertiary qualifications and experience with teaching English as a foreign language or any teaching for that matter, the better your chances of finding a great job and pushing for higher pay and benefits.

Teaching English at Public Schools

If you wish to teach English in a public school in Argentina you will most likely need a University degree or other suitable tertiary qualification in addition to your TEFL certificate and ideally some relevant teaching experience – and jobs are generally only available if the position cannot be filled by an Argentinian.

Private English Tutoring for Children, Adults and Business Executives

Teaching English as a private tutor can be very lucrative in Argentina, especially in Buenos Aires. It is also very easy to find work and you can expect to be paid cash or ‘under the table’ – even by businesses. Pay will usually match teaching level and expectations can very high – especially for adults. It’s worth exploring this option if you can offer a high skill level and really dedicate yourself; you can easily earn twice as much as you could through a language school.

Monthly SalaryUS $600-800 US Private language institute can be anywhere from US $5-15 an hour
Teaching Hours25 to 35 hours a week
AccommodationAssistance provided
Length of contract6 to 12 months
Hiring seasonThe first peak-hiring season is February/ March, and the second is July/August

The Latin dance and music called the Tango began in Buenos Aires

Argentine beef is famous around the world and Asado (an Argentine barbecue) is very popular in the country which has the highest consumption of red meat in the world

Pope Francis used to work as a bar bouncer in Buenos Aires

There is a Welsh-speaking part of Argentina. It has its own dialect of Welsh

The world’s widest avenue is the “9th of July” in Argentina, with 14 lanes, plus 4 lanes of parallel streets