Volunteer Classroom Educator & International Ambassador

BECA is a U.S. registered nonprofit whose mission is to provide quality, affordable bilingual education to the educationally disenfranchised while fostering meaningful cultural exchange. BECA work takes place in rural and semi-rural Honduras, where we collaborate with our Honduran partners to offer disadvantaged children a high-quality bilingual education. Each year, BECA sends volunteers from across the globe to teach English Language Arts, science, math, and other subjects in English.

Details of Position

BECA exists to provide quality, affordable bilingual education to the educationally disenfranchised while fostering meaningful multicultural collaboration. BECAs model is more than an international teaching program; we distinguish ourselves by the breadth and depth of our community engagement, our dedication to fostering long-term relationships with our communities, and our commitment to ensuring that our BECA teachers are trained and supported to unleash the amazing potential of their students and to learn from them and their families. In the 2016-17 school year, one of our long-time dreams came true – we hired a BECA graduate as a teacher! Now, half of our teaching team at each school is made up of BECA graduates, and the other half is international volunteers.

BECA invites ~12 international volunteers to join our volunteer teaching team each year, supporting both elementary and middle school students at 2 local schools, San Jeronimo Bilingual School and Santa Monica Bilingual School. At a high level, each volunteer teacher is responsible for: leading an English curriculum for students in grades PreK-9 in ELA, Science, Math, Art, PE and Computers (all classes are capped at 25 students, and most teachers take on one full curriculum for a grade level) supporting fellow teachers in the classroom, getting to know your students and their families, and immersing oneself in Honduran culture. Dont worry – well be there to support you with every step along the way!

Prior to arrival, international volunteers will have 2-3 virtual onboarding calls to prepare for their time in-country.Our international team arrives in-country in June 2023, and are placed in a homestay with a local family upon arriving in Honduras before moving into BECA housing. The initial weeks in-country are spent embarking on a summer-long training program that teaches you: the BECA curriculum, classroom management, and so much more. Once the school year begins, BECA teachers receive ongoing professional development and training throughout the academic year.


– A Bachelors degree by June 2023 (all majors welcome to apply!)
– Candidate with an Associates degree may be considered, and are encouraged to apply
– A commitment to BECAs mission and a dedication to social justice
– Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills
– Capacity to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
– Willingness to operate in a low-resource environment under challenging living conditions

– Have experience with AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, or other international (or domestic!) teaching programs

Salary and Benefits

BENEFITS: All BECA volunteer teachers receive:

– A monthly food stipend
– Up to $500 USD flight reimbursement for travel to/from Honduras from the Americas
– Up to $750 USD flight reimbursement for travel to/from Honduras from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia
– Local transportation to/from the airport
– Housing (within a shared living accommodation)
– High-speed internet, and all utilities, provided by BECA
– Assistance in obtaining temporary residency status, or support with obtaining a temporary VISA, depending on volunteer need/local regulations
– Intensive summer training, and ongoing training and professional development throughout the academic year
– Immersion in a Spanish speaking community, with opportunities for Spanish-language acquisition