Carina Kelson – South Korea

In 2016 I completed my M.A. course in Medieval Literature from Aberystwyth University in Wales. Afterward returning home to the United States, I realised that I wasn’t ready to be done travelling. My goal is to be a teacher. Teaching English overseas was a logical next step. I completed a 150-hour TEFL/TESOL certification course online, and was at a bit of a loss after completing it. Fortunately, I found TEFL Graduate and was assigned to work with their recruiter Carlos. It’s been an absolutely fabulous experience. I accidentally filled out a form for Thailand. When Carlos called, I admitted that I thought I had filled out a form for South Korea. He very quickly gave me more than enough information for South Korea and put me in touch with several recruiters both with the private and public schools. It’s always having options.
Even though I worked with local recruiters, Carlos always checked in after each interview. Once I accepted a position in Daegu, South Korea, Carlos not only checked in with me as I prepared to leave, but he also checked in to make I transitioned well in my new home. It’s wonderful having a company that not helps you find the people who help you get a job, but also takes responsibility that everything is safe and as it should be. I look forward to working with TEFL Graduate again when I plan the next chapter in my teaching career.

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