Teach English in or near: Santiago, Antofagasta, Viña del Mar, Valparaiso

Chile is a geographically unique, narrow but very long, country that runs down the Pacific coast of South America all the way to the freezing cold tip of South America at Cape Horn and ‘Tierra del Feugo’ – the Islands of Fire.

Sandwiched between the high snow-capped peaks of the Andes and 4300km of coastline, anywhere in Chile is a hop and a skip from the sea, mountains, the rushing white-waters of rivers tumbling down from the mountains, rainforest, glaciers and…very active volcanoes! This is the Land of Fire and Ice, drawing adventurous hearts to hike, climb and photograph some of the most breath-taking and untouched nature our planet has to offer, including Patagonia – a massive wilderness Chile shares with Argentina. But you don’t have to be an intrepid mountaineer to teach English in Chile; bustling cities, towns and villages offer immersion into South American life and culture for all adventurers.



Chile is one of the most popular destinations for foreigners wanting to teach English as a foreign language – and for good reason! Apart from the unparalleled travel opportunities that Chile offers, the salaries and rates on offer for TEFL graduate English teachers in Chile can good, and there is a high demand for teachers at all levels – from elementary school right through to high school and beyond. Most teaching positions can be found in and around Santiago, but as demand increases more and more varied opportunities to teach English are becoming available the length of this exceptionally ‘long’ country – in schools and businesses as well as to private students. It’s generally easier to find a teaching job once already in Chile as Chileans prefer face-to-face interviews, and it is possible on work on a temporary visa, which can be renewed with a trip into neighbouring Argentina.

Teaching English at Private Language Schools

There are a growing number of private language schools in Chile’s cities, mostly in the Capital Santiago and the highest demand for foreign English teachers comes from these schools. Not all have campus facilities, and there is a tradition of teaching in off-site locations, similar to that found in Brazil. English teachers are often sent to businesses or classes are set up in homes, coffee-shops or other suitable locations. However most established language schools in Santiago offer fixed class schedules on their own sites.  Most language schools cater to adults in the business sphere – from corporations to businesses in the booming tourism industry. There is also a high demand for English teachers in government and diplomatic spheres.

Teaching English at International Schools

There are a few International schools in Santiago, though not nearly as many as there are language centres. Typically, pay and opportunities will vary according to age-related teaching experience and any tertiary qualifications you might have in addition to your TEFL certificate. Benefits and pay will also vary according to the school.

Teaching English at Public Schools

The Chilean Ministry of Education began prioritising English language teaching in Chile’s schools over a decade ago and now most schools in Chile – from elementary through to college level (High Schools in Chile are called ‘Colleges’) run ‘English clubs’ to help students learn English, and if you have a TEFL certificate, you should be able to approach most schools with your CV and have a good chance of finding work – although opportunities will be commensurate with overall qualifications and age-appropriate experience. Pay will be lower and you are unlikely to enjoy extra benefits (with the possible exception of medical insurance).

Private English Tutoring for Children, Adults and Business Executives

There are almost unlimited opportunities to offer private English tutoring services in Chile, but it’s worth keeping in mind that Chileans are notorious for cancelling private classes, so you will need to prepare yourself for this. Most (but not all) private tutoring opportunities will be found in Santiago and other major centres, with adults – either business-people or university students.

Monthly SalaryPrivate language institutes can vary from around $10.00 to $20.00/hour. US $400 to US $1500 per month  private classes, teachers usually charge between US $20 to US $40 an hour
Teaching Hours 20 – 30 hours per week
Accommodation Assistance provided
Vacation3 weeks
Length of Contract1 year
Hiring seasonMarch and July

Chile is the longest country in the world from north to south

Easter Island is a Polynesian island and Chilean territory. It is the world’s most isolated island, located 2,300 miles (3,700 km’s) west of Chile. Easter Island is famous for its 887 ‘moai’, giant figures carved in volcanic stone

Chile has a government-supported UFO research organisation

Chileans call their country: país de poetas (country of poets), for good reason too, the country’s two Nobel Prize winners both won in Literature. Gabriela Mistral in 1945, and the country’s most famous poet, Pablo Neruda in 1971

Chile is the 5th largest exporter of wine in the world