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China is a huge country of 1.4 billion people, characterised by huge cities and a work ethic second-to none. Nevertheless China is opening up to the world and Western influences and the demand for, and welcome toward, foreign English teachers is getting bigger by the day, so it’s worth bearing in mind that there is a lot more to China than Chinese food and huge metropolis.

The first thing that comes to mind for most when they think of China is The Great Wall of China, but this remarkable testament to ancient China is only one of a myriad attractions. Beautiful places such as The Forbidden City and rich spiritual traditions also pull Westerners by the droves to the largest and most populated country in Asia.

China offers excellent teaching packages, and this contributes to making China one of the most popular destinations for TEFL Graduates.

Looking for a change in your life? Why not move to China and work with one of the largest and most experienced ESL employers in the country. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in Chinese Culture and learn to speak Mandarin, then working with us is the perfect opportunity for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to teaching or whether you a highly experienced. We have openings suitable for all levels. We are looking for enthusiastic teachers who are ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Start a new ESL job at one of our many school openings. Apply now, and we offer to reimburse you for the cost of your flight.

    • 16,000 to 23,000 RMB per month, based on location, experience, and qualifications.
    • Holiday subsidy 3000 RMB(winter) and 5000 RMB(summer) – All of the public holidays are paid , there are 11 paid public holidays during one year . The unpaid holidays would be the summer and winter holiday, which would be about 45 days for the summer holiday and 25 days for the winter holiday.
    • Free hotel stay in arrival week for training and cultural immersion.
    • Free single boarding school dorm (for school) or apartment allowance (for kindergarten).
    • Upfront flight to China or flight reimbursement
    • Legal working Z-visa and residence support provided
    • Free Mandarin lessons online
    • Promotion opportunities


  • Commercial health insurance and accident insurance.
  • Kindergartens
  • Primary, Middle and High schools
  • Universities
  • Day care centres
  • Age groups: 1 to 18 years old.
  • Class size: Maximum 24 classes / week, of no more than 45 minutes per class, Mon to Fri(school)
    Or Maximum 40 hours /week, no more than 1 hour per class, Mon to Fri(kindergarten)
  • Work hours and schedules: 18 teaching hours (normally your actual teaching hours will be less than this) + 15 office hours per week.
  • Orientation: Teaching job orientation will be provided by our experienced and professional team.
  • Contract length: 12-month contracts only.
  • Start dates: February/March and August/September (some positions can become available throughout the year).

Due to work visa requirements, applicants must:

    • Only native English speakers from the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand.
    • Bachelor’s Degree or above
    • Teaching experience is not required.
    • Must be between 22-55 years of age, and be able to perform all kinds of activities with students (jumping, walking, gesturing, standing for entire classes etc.). We offer higher salaries to teachers with specific teaching skills such as dancing, singing, art, etc.
    • TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate.
    • Clean criminal background check and its Apostille (the police clearance is valid at least 3 months from when you applied for it.
    • Reference letter confirming that you are qualified (essential for the Visa application).

PLEASE NOTE: Tattoos are accepted but must be covered during teaching. Unfortunately, our partner schools will not accept Hijabs/Headscarfs. Positions are not available for candidates with families.

  • Great Career Growths: The country is growing in every conceivable way, and at an astonishing pace. This creates an abundance opportunities in Guangdong. Gain more experience, enroll into our training programs, get in house teaching certification and grow with us.
  • Exciting food: Chinese food has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the most varied and appetizing in the world. From spicy Sichuan food to delicate Dim Sum in Hong Kong, China has food that can satisfy anyone’s taste.
  • Low cost of living: Currently the Chinese yuan trades at 6.88 for one US Dollar, and rising. This allows you to live well on a much lower budget that you could in a Western country.
  • Convenience: China has gone to great lengths to make itself foreigner-friendly. China has public transportation that is fast, reliable, and with English signs and announcements. Western conveniences and luxuries can also be found everywhere.
  • Incredible views: With each province in China being larger and more densely populated than most countries, China offers an incredible variety of landscapes and cultural sites. The bullet train allow cheap and convenient travel to other provinces, where you can see Panda’s in Chengdu, or the Terracotta warriors in Xian.

To apply for jobs, please email a copy of your CV, recent photo, preferred countries and your available dates to asia@teflgraduate.com. In the subject part of the email, please enter ‘Teach in Asia’.

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