Ciara Leese – South Korea

” I was unsure on how to begin my steps in finding a teaching job overseas. After starting a TEFL course with LEARNTEFL, Carlos contacted me via email and arranged a call with me to discuss what kind of teaching job I was interested in and where I would like to be placed. From the very beginning, Carlos was professional and friendly, and he was always there for me if I had any questions about the process. I decided that I wanted to teach in South Korea, and Carlos gave me so much information on the different schools and academies which may interest me. The process was very easy, and Carlos never lost contact with me even if I was very late in responding. He helped me get all my documents finished and we decided on the ChungDahm Hagwon branch in South Korea, as this branch suited everything that I was looking for. After the documents had been sorted out, Carlos referred me to another recruiter in the company Aclipse, who finalized my application and helped me get all my documents ready. This got me a job offer in the ChungDahm Bundang Branch in Sunae! During this time, Carlos never lost contact with me and kept in touch every step of the way, even though I was with Aclipse, and he was always there if I needed to ask any questions during this time. The night before my departure, Carlos called me to wish me well and it was greatly appreciated. Carlos has been a fantastic recruiter who has got me into a great job and has never failed to lose contact with me. Even though I am out in South Korea, he is still always there for me whilst I am here and later, if I ever decide to venture to teach somewhere else in Asia!

I have completed the first term teaching at my academy. I am just about to go into the next term! I have had a great first term. The ChungDahm branch gave me so much training, and even though I was a brand new teacher, after training I felt ready to start teaching! The job requires a lot of prep in your own time, but it is so rewarding! The children are just amazing! I have found my place really well in the school and I can’t wait for the new term!

Living in South Korea is also such an amazing experience. I am learning a new culture, language and being able to live in such a technologically developed and eye-catching country. I live between Seoul and Yongin so I am living in such a convenient area. The school I am with has been fantastic in helping me settle here and Carlos has always offered help and advice if needed. I feel like I have definitely picked the right place and the right school to teach at.

I am so grateful for everything Carlos has done to help me get to where I am today. I wouldn’t change anything for the world and I am loving my new home and life here in South Korea!”

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