If you’re looking for a solution to your ESL Teacher Recruitment needs, then look now further. TEFL graduate not only provides fun, interactive, engaging TEFL training, but we also recruit native-speaking English teachers to educational organisations in Asia.

Finding competent and qualified teachers is key to a school’s success and we understand that in today’s competitive market, this is one of the most difficult jobs schools have to face. Fortunately, TEFL Graduate is here to assist you tackle this enormous task. Our team of dedicated recruiters will help your school find the very best teachers, offering a reliable and cost-efficient service.



Collect key information

Collect key information on your positions and teacher requirements to make sure we find the right teachers for you.

Advertise your positions on our website

Advertise your positions on our website as well as promoting them on our different recruitment channels to attract the very best candidates.

Carefully screen candidates

Carefully screen candidates to make sure they meet your requirements and preferences.

Interview eligible candidates

Interview eligible candidates before we forward their CV/Resume and other credentials for you to review and consider.

Help you schedule interviews

Help you schedule interviews with the candidates that interest you the most. If you decide to hire them, we will be there to help with whatever you or the teacher needs throughout the whole recruitment process, even after the teachers arrives at your school.


We offer all our partners a guaranteed service, which means that if the teacher does not complete their probation period, you won’t have to pay us a fee. You will only pay us if you like the teacher and if they complete their probation period. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

We also offer a cost-effective service. Our fees vary based on your needs and teacher requirements, so please register your interest for a quote. We look forward to assisting you with your immediate or future recruitment needs.



If any of your teachers require TEFL training, we would be able to offer your school a massive discount on our TEFL courses. Our courses will equip your teachers with the knowledge and skills to be a confident English teacher as soon as they step into the classroom.

Contact asia@teflgraduate.com to find out more!



I am writing to express my gratitude and satisfaction with the services provided by TEFL Graduate. Our two companies have been working together for over a year now, and I can confidently say the partnership has been very productive.

From the beginning, the team at TEFL Graduate has been highly communicative and responsive to our needs. They have consistently delivered high-quality candidates on time and have always gone above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied with the results.

What sets TEFL Graduate apart from other TEFL Centers is their depth of expertise and commitment to excellence. Their team is highly knowledgeable and always stays up-to-date on communication and requests.

They have provided us with invaluable recommendations that have helped us achieve our goals. Overall, we have been impressed with TEFL Graduate’s level of professionalism, quality of work, and commitment to teachers and companies.

I highly recommend TEFL Graduate to anyone in need of reliable and quality service.

Derek O'Grady, Executive Director - Embark Recruiting (The WorknPlay)

SINE Education is a leading provider of English communication programs to government secondary schools all over Thailand. With over 52 locations across Thailand, we are confident we would be able to find something to fit your needs.

Our program offers visa assistance, zero lesson planning, and support every step of the way.

Thailand is the perfect place to experience a new culture and way of life. Whether you choose to live and work in Bangkok, Central Thailand, or Issan, you’ll find friendly people, great weather, and delicious food. Plus, with a low cost of living, you can make your dream of living abroad a reality

Working with Carlos and TEFL Graduate has been a breeze for the past 4 years, we are always confident that the teachers that are sent through Carlos are suitable and capable of teaching the SINE Education program.

Carlos is one of few recruiters who has a genuine care and interest in his teachers, and makes sure to check up on them during the hiring process.

We are extremely lucky to call Carlos one of our recruitment partners!

James, Recruitment Manager - SINE Education

At Shane English School Taiwan, we place a great emphasis on providing quality lessons with a caring service, and delivering fun and productive English lessons to our students of all ages, abilities, and levels. As a well-established company with a driven Head Office team and 70+ schools across Taiwan, there are numerous professional development opportunities for teachers, and career advancement opportunities for those who excel. We have been very happy to work alongside TEFL Graduate over the past few years, and have seen many of the teachers that come to work with us through TEFL Graduate have demonstrated the essential skills, confidence, and knowledge that are crucial for successfully moving and teaching abroad.

Zara Broadhead, Recruitment Manager - Shane English (Taiwan)

We are proud to endorse TEFL Graduate as a valuable partner in our recruitment efforts. VUS, one of the largest English centers in Vietnam, has over 2,700 teaching staff spread across 70 campuses nationwide, and hires over 200 native ESL teachers annually.

TEFL Graduate has been valuable in helping us meet our recruitment needs, providing us with a reliable source of well-trained and highly qualified teachers. Moreover, TEFL Graduate offers continuous support to candidates throughout the authentication process, which has proven instrumental in expediting the work permit application for teachers arriving in Vietnam.

We would also like to commend Carlos, the representative from TEFL Graduate, for his professionalism and responsiveness during the placement process. His efficient communication has been invaluable in keeping our candidates well-informed, enabling us to fill vacancies promptly.

We highly recommend TEFL Graduate for their commitment to providing top-notch ESL teachers and their exceptional support throughout the recruitment process.

Nguyễn Thị Quỳnh Như , Human Resources Teachers Department - VUS

Since we’ve been working with TEFL Graduate for more than 4 years, we’ve discovered that they’re a fantastic source for finding teachers. Carlos has been a terrific partner to work with and has always been available for any queries I may have. We are pleased with the assistance Carlos and the rest of the TEFL Graduate staff gave me. Excellent organisation and staff!

Tony Wang, Recruitment Manager - Chinease

The TEFL Graduate team have been actively providing us with a professional service and the best quality candidates for many years. They always have good service awareness and skills and recommend good teachers following our requirements. Our business development has also benefited from their great efforts, and we sincerely hope that the TEFL Graduate’s business will continue to flourish.

William Sin, Foreign Teacher Manager - Guangzhou Elite Education

I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction and appreciation for the excellent services provided by TEFL Graduate in assisting Global Teacher Recruitment with the placement of teachers in Hong Kong and Macau. Global Teacher Recruitment is the exclusive recruitment partner of Monkey Tree English Learning Center Ltd. Since our partnership began, we have developed a strong working relationship with your company, and the quality of candidates we have received, particularly from Carlos, has been consistently outstanding.

At Global Teacher Recruitment, we pride ourselves on finding exceptional educators who can thrive in the vibrant educational landscape of Hong Kong and Macau. Your agency has proven to be a reliable and valuable resource in identifying highly qualified teachers who possess the necessary skills and passion to make a positive impact in the classroom. I would like to commend Carlos for his exceptional work in matching our specific requirements with talented candidates. His professionalism, attention to detail, and understanding of our organization’s needs have consistently resulted in the placement of highly suitable teachers. Carlos’s expertise and timely communication have made the recruitment process efficient and hassle-free, enabling us to focus on our core responsibilities while knowing that we are in capable hands.

It is a pleasure to work with a TEFL agency that shares our commitment to providing the best educational opportunities for students and the most fulfilling experiences for teachers. We look forward to continuing our partnership with TEFL Graduate and are confident that together we will continue to deliver exceptional results.

Once again, I want to express my sincere gratitude to TEFL Graduate, Carlos, and the entire team for their outstanding support and collaboration. We highly recommend your services to any educational institution seeking top-quality teachers.

Zené Bowles, Operations Manager & Head of Recruitment - Global Teacher Recruitment (Monkey Tree)

We are English First, a company that provides language learning programs in China and Indonesia. We recently used the services of TEFL Graduate and we were thoroughly impressed. Their team was professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to our company’s needs. Carlos from the team is a great and attentive account manager who has ensured our continued success.

I would highly recommend TEFL Graduate to anyone in need of their services.

Bunny Huang, Teacher Resources and Employee Engagement

Language Link Vietnam is pleased to have partnered with TEFL Graduate and we want to encourage you to keep up with your amazing work. Everyone involved has been extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. Most of the candidates are sent with detailed information/CV, qualifications and a short introduction video for Language Link to review, which makes it efficient for both sides to match each other’s needs.

We hope that we can continue this partnership in the long run. All the best!

Duyen Trinh, Teacher Recruitment & Welfare Manager - Language Link Vietnam

We have been working with TEFL Graduate for a few years now and have found them to be a great resource for hiring teachers. Carlos has always been available for any questions I may have and has been a great partner to work with. I most appreciate the open and frank communication I get about any teachers they send my way. I am happy with the services provided to me by Carlos and the gang at TEFL Graduate.

JC Guedon, Director, English HR Dept. - HESS

Aclipse is the North America Recruiting Arm for one of the largest English language academies in South Korea. We fill 100’s of placements every year. Our partnership with TEFL Graduate has been instrumental in meeting our placement goals. Their highly motivated and professional graduates have been excellent ambassadors of their home country and highly skilled ESL/EFL teachers! In addition, TEFL Graduate team rep – Carlos, has superior communication skills and is very supportive throughout the entire onboarding process.

We look forward to continuing our partnership and would highly recommend their services!

Colette Neville, Recruiting Manager - Aclipse


In February 2017 I was working for a small English academy in Barcelona. Even though I was very happy and settled in Spain and made time to improve my Spanish and studied Catalan, I knew that I wanted to challenge myself further and to teach English in Japan.  I began asking colleagues who had worked in Korea for some advice. Most of them recommended finding an online TEFL course.

On my search for an online TEFL course I came across TEFL Graduate. The price was great, I could do it all online from the comfort of my home and it also offered employment opportunities on completion. Without further hesitation I enrolled on 120hr course.

The course itself was really well structured. It was broken down into modules each with a multiple-choice test at the end. There were also some assignments to complete based on the course content.

I enjoyed learning from this course because it supported my understanding of teaching English as a foreign language and I found that the content was really appropriate for teaching all over the world and to different ages.

After completing the course I applied for an English teaching job in Japan. TEFL Graduate was very supportive throughout the whole process so it all ran very smoothly.

By 8th July 2017, thanks to all of the prior preparation, I arrived at Tokyo airport. On the 10th July the job training began.

I am currently based near to Yokohama. I have easy access to Tokyo and my job is a 15 minute train ride away. It has been a lot of work adjusting to the new culture and the new job but it’s exactly the challenge that I was looking for.

I will continue to stay in contact with TEFL Graduate for my future English Teaching jobs.

Sally Boulton, Japan

I had a big decision to make the day I turned 29. Am I going to have a 9-5 job for the rest of my life, working from paycheck to paycheck or am I going to be brave, take a big chance and work abroad. I chose the latter! I came across TEFL Graduate while browsing for TEFL courses online, I registered, paid and within no time I was assigned with a tutor and a lot of help. I finished my 150 hour course in 2 weeks’ time and immediately had a response from Carlos (the recruiter). I never thought finding a job abroad could be so easy. Carlos send me a lot of options, and I could basically choose where I wanted to teach English as a foreign language. As my best friend and I were traveling together, TEFL Graduate was so helpful that they found a way for us to work together in the same city and in real close proximity to each other. After every interview or milestone Carlos was checking in to see how we were doing – he still is checking in!
I would recommend TEFL Graduate for anyone old or young who is bored with their lifestyle and would like to travel and explore different cities and cultures. Being a TEFL foreign teacher in Chengdu, China has financial and personal perks! AND I LOVE IT!

Melanie Du Toit , China

‘I’m not exaggerating when I say TEFL Graduate may just be the best customer service I’ve ever received and the best value for money. I bought it on a whim and South Korea really seemed like a dream and although I committed to the program I didn’t truly believe I’d get to South Korea. I was also not convinced a TEFL certificate would be enough to make me a teacher. The whole course was so interesting and helpful and I got my certificate in no time and those 120 hours truly gave me such important information, knowledge and insight.

Now, moving on to my recruiter there is a lot to say. Carlos is the reason I got as far as I did. I worked hard to get to South Korea but Carlos made sure he was there every step of the way and that no part of the process would be neglected or detail missed. From the beginning of the journey he went over all the countries I was interested in teaching in and gave a very detailed  list of pros and some cons for schools in each country. Once I had decided South Korea looked like a great suit for me he sent me an application for EPIK (a popular English Teaching program in South Korea) and said I could also apply to one other program at the same time. I had heard EPIK was a competitive program especially due to the many benefits teacher’s receive such as rent coverage. I wasn’t sure if I had enough experience and knowledge to get in to EPIK so was going to put my focus on another program but Carlos’ belief from the start that we’d make sure I’d get in was inspiring and I went for it. I’ll be honest applying for EPIK is a lot of hard work and a grueling process at times but having Carlos help me throughout the process was such a blessing. Many people either had to go through it alone or had recruiter’s who weren’t as committed. Carlos went above and beyond. He was meticulous in looking over every detail of my application so it was the best it could possibly be. He was always available to give me advice or settle my confusions at all times.

I am now living in Seoul in South Korea and I am still in disbelief that I have made it here. It is such a beautiful, friendly and refreshingly different country to my own. I have a lovely flat I do not pay rent for and a great job in a school and so many beautiful places to visit and things to do on the weekend such as go out to the party central in Hongdae or visit the market near my flat and get flowers and fruit or pick up some dumplings from my local store!

In short, I suggest using TEFL Graduate if you have a dream to change your life and live in a whole new country but it seems impossible to you or a far away concept. TEFL Graduate will make it simple.

Martha Haidari, South Korea

I’ve now been teaching ESL for over 9 years, having taught in Thailand, the UK, China, Cambodia, Vietnam and now Japan. Now 48 I am coming to the end of my teaching time abroad, or at least so far away in Asia. I’ve taught all ages from Kindergarten through to adults and all abilities from beginner to advance.
I first did my TEFL course in Thailand 2008 on a return trip from Australia. My first teaching job was at a Kindergarten in a private school in Pattaya Thailand, not something I planned but coming from a drama school background I guess I was slightly pigeon holed, later on I went on to teach at government and private schools in Bangkok, this I did for a further 4 years, after this I then went for a complete change of scenery and culture teaching at a Language center in Shanghai China, then another complete change teaching my degree subject Drama at an International school in Phnom Phen Cambodia. Since then I have gone onto work in Vietnam summer schools in the UK and now Japan where I am currently working.
Overall my experience certainty hasn’t been mundane and boring, I’ve been to so many wonderful places, some of the best beaches, Full Moon parties and mountain ranges, experienced so many wonderful and diverse cultures, met some fantastic people, fellow teachers and students, not to mention all the lovely food from all of these countries. All this made possible from teaching English as a foreign language. I keep threatening to give it all up but it’s all terribly seductive especially when you’re back home for a while in the cold gloomy weather. If you are young free and single and have no ties, I would advise anyone to get out there a give it a shot, even if you find this is not for you, nothing is wasted, it is a most unique experience

Richard Rimmer , Japan

‘I’m currently teaching in Hualien, a small city on the east coast of Taiwan. It’s sandwiched in between the mountains and the sea, and seems like a great place so far. I teach kids of a wide range of ages at a cram school called Hess. This whole arrangement was made possible by the excellent work of Carlos, who facilitated the entire process, from choosing a company, interviewing, and finally travelling out. Moving abroad to live and work is pretty daunting, and it really helped a lot to have someone in my corner keeping me informed about how things work.’

Rafael Iannetta, Taiwan

Carlos has been extremely helpful in the process of securing a job with APAX. He always went to great lengths to make sure we had all the information we needed and was always happy to help with any questions we had. Carlos continues to check on how we are doing in Vietnam and assures us that he can help in the future with finding other jobs. My time with APAX has been great, it’s a very easy going job with many benefits. Vietnam is also a great country where you can earn a lot of money and enjoy travelling to many different beautiful places.

Lauren Brace, Vietnam

From the first moment that I talked to Carlos I knew that he was going to help me find the perfect job in a place that would suit me best. He provided as much assistance as possible and really went out of his way to help in any way that he could, always on hand if I had any questions or queries. When I talked to the school it was really professional and the transition from living in Ireland to moving to South Korea went so smoothly. The school made me feel comfortable and right at home from the first day I started. As a first time teacher the training they provided just set me up so I felt like a valuable member of staff from my first day. As I am writing this I am 2 months living in Seoul, the capital of South Korea and absolutely loving every second of it. Every day I am finding and experiencing something new and trying to take in the culture. I would recommend for anyone that is tempted to teach abroad to just go for it, and trust in Carlos to find you exactly what you’re searching for and more.”

Niall Beirne, South Korea

I am teaching in Tiantongyuan, Beijing, China. The city has lots to do and a huge X pat community, there is always something fun going on with lots of other foreigners.
It’s my first time teaching English but I have 5 years experience of teaching Physical Education. The students are wonderful and an absolute pleasure to teach, and the Chinese teaching assistants are very helpful in and out of class.
After experience China and talking to other teachers, I am very happy with the hours I work for the salary I receive.
I have had a great time so far working at First leap and I have been promoted to the mentor of my center while being asked to attend a boot camp for a further promotion.

Chelsea Graham, China

My experience with TEFL graduate has been great. From the beginning I worked through the he course with ease and was only a email away from my tutor if I required any clarification. As soon as I finished the course I was contacted by Carlos. Carlos was very helpful in finding me a job in a place that suited me personally. Although it took a few month for me to decide on Vietnam I’m so happy I did. My first thought was to go there South Korea but despite the higher wages there I believe the quality of life is better in Vietnam. Lower working hours so more time to travel which is what we all want to do. Carlos helped me every step of the way and offered me advice when the time came to make some decisions. Would highly recommend using his services for anyone who wants to find a TEFL job.

Elliot Cowan, Vietnam

So I decided to make a career change,  I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing and really wanted to get into teaching.  I didn’t really know where to start until eventually I found TEFL graduate.  I have now completed multiple TEFL courses including a grammar course with TEFL graduate.  After completing this I was introduced to Carlos who has been absolutely amazing and I would not be where I am without him . Carlos helped me find vacancies and also set up interviews,  I was interviewed by a company called SINE who operate in Thailand,  they offered me a teaching job that I happily accepted.  I have since moved to Thailand and am living and working in a northern province called bueng kan and I could not be happier.  The lifestyle is so laid back , the people are so friendly and my school is brilliant.  And I cannot thank Carlos enough for setting this up . I would highly recommend TEFL grammar for anyone looking to do TEFL teaching.

Daniel Goddard, Thailand

In my final year of university I knew I would like to teach abroad and TEFL would be the perfect gateway into that career. I decided to study my 150 hours with Tefl Graduate and found the course very user friendly and informative.
Once I had finished my 150 hours I was contacted by Carlos, a recruitment consultant for Tefl Graduate. He helped put me into contact with employers in the specific city in China that I wanted to teach in. Throughout the whole process he was checking on me and making sure that everything ran smoothly with my employment and move to China. I eventually was put in touch with the agency, China Plus, who helped me find my school.
Without the help of Carlos I would not have even known where to start with finding a job in China. He has been nothing but helpful throughout my whole journey to China and even now that I am teaching here he still emails me ever so often just to make sure everything is going well

Elizabeth Pickering, China

Working with Carlos and TEFL Graduate is truly one of the best working decisions I’ve ever made! I was first contacted by Carlos in March 2017. I completed my TEFL Graduate certificate online. The process was straightforward and informative. Carlos supported me in my application to a teaching Fellowship in Colombia. Carlos readily replied to any questions I had. His wealth of experience and contacts meant that any concerns I had, were quickly addressed.
It’s been a little over one year since I first made contact with Carlos. In that time, I have already had the opportunity to work and travel in South America – a continent I had never visited and may not have been able too otherwise. Now, I find myself teaching in China, enjoying a number of work benefits and developing a real career as an ESL teacher. Carlos handled much of my application and was really useful in helping me prep for my interview. I have referred friends to TEFL Graduate and now they too are preparing for their own new opportunities and adventures, I could not be happier. The service offered by Carlos and TEFL Graduate, really is as good as it seems!

Kiran Sahonta , China

My experience settling into teaching with HESS in Taiwan went very smoothly. After two weeks of training, I was sent to my school in Luodong, a small city about an hour from Taipei. I enjoy living in Luodong, it is famous for its night market and is close to some beautiful beaches, waterfalls and hot springs. At my school, I teach a kindy class every morning, with a mix of different tuition classes in the afternoon. Most of my students are aged between 5-10 years old. Taiwan has handled the COVID 19 pandemic very well, so other than mask wearing in public and the occasional temperature checks, I can go about my life as normal. Taiwan is an incredibly diverse country and I have loved exploring its many cities, mountains and islands during my holidays.

Carlos at TEFL Graduate made the process of choosing a country and school very easy for me. He helped me to narrow down my choices to a few companies and within a week had scheduled several interviews for me. I am glad I chose HESS in Taiwan and have decided to extend my teaching contract here for another year. I highly recommend TEFL Graduate for anyone looking to teach English overseas.

Hannah Plewinski , Taiwan

After living through the past 2 years in a pandemic, after graduating from university, I wanted to go and see more of the World. I spoke to Carlos and despite having lots of conditions about when I could start and finish, Carlos was incredibly supportive and encouraging. Throughout the duration of leaving the UK, quarantining for 1 week, starting online teaching and then starting in person teaching, Carlos has made a conscious effort to check in with me and make sure I am enjoying myself and settling in! I truly could not have asked for someone better in guiding me through becoming a foreign English Teacher. I truly am grateful to TEFL Graduate and particularly Carlos! Additionally, Carlos has encouraged me to think about the future and what my options are. It is clear that he enjoys what he does and truly takes the time to build connections with the teachers he places!

Teaching abroad is something I have only been doing for 5 weeks now. Despite this, it is an experience I would encourage anyone to do! The people I have met and places I have seen have been truly incredible!

Jena Sheth, Thailand