Elizabeth Pickering– China

In my final year of university I knew I would like to teach abroad and TEFL would be the perfect gateway into that career. I decided to study my 150 hours with Tefl Graduate and found the course very user friendly and informative.
Once I had finished my 150 hours I was contacted by Carlos, a recruitment consultant for Tefl Graduate. He helped put me into contact with employers in the specific city in China that I wanted to teach in. Throughout the whole process he was checking on me and making sure that everything ran smoothly with my employment and move to China. I eventually was put in touch with the agency, China Plus, who helped me find my school.
Without the help of Carlos I would not have even known where to start with finding a job in China. He has been nothing but helpful throughout my whole journey to China and even now that I am teaching here he still emails me ever so often just to make sure everything is going well

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