TEFL courses – Frequently Asked Questions

The acronym TEFL simply stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. There are other acronyms you might have come across as well such as TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) amongst others, but by and large, they are all pretty similar.

TEFL certification will enhance your employment opportunities when applying for English teaching positions. It’s a qualification recognised by most employers around the world, where English is not the native language.

As long as you are 18 years old, fluent English  speaker, possess a good level of education and the enthusiasm to learn something new, you can take one of our courses.


Whilst, some employers do have an age restriction, there are schools seeking mature TEFL teachers, particularly private language schools.

Not at all! Your students are required to communicate in English only. It’s an advantage to learn the language for life outside the classroom.

Our courses are delivered completely online. On registration, you will receive a username and password to access our learning platform, which is available 24/7. Once payment has been made, you will have immediate access for 6 months.
All courses require you to complete the online tests – achieving a minimum score of 70% for each test. The final grade is calculated as follows: Grade A = 90% to 100%, Grade B = 80% to 89% and Grade C = 70% to 79%.
It depends on how much time you set aside. Two or three months should be more than enough time to complete the 120 or 150 hour course, although you could complete it easily in less than one month if you dedicate study full-time.  The 40 or 60 hour course can easily be completed in a week. All our courses are available for 6 months.
If you need more time, you can purchase an extension, either before your course expires or within 30 days of expiration. Prices are as follows: the 30 day extension is £19/$25, the 90 day extension is £29/$39 and the 180 day extension is £39/$52. To purchase an extension, please go to https://teflgraduate.com/shop.
You will have access to your course as long as your course has not expired. However, your course will be removed from our platform post completion, provided there has been 60 days or more of inactivity.
To upgrade to a 120 or 150 hour course, please contact info@teflgraduate.com for a special offer.

Your TEFL certificate never expires!  
Once you have submitted your final exam and all assignments have been graded by your Tutor, your online certificate will be available to download immediately. Your certificate will only be available if you have achieved the final pass mark of 70%.
The cost of a Hard copy certificate to be sent to the UK, Ireland, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe is £20/$25. For the rest of the world it is £50/$64, sent  with a DHL Courier. To order a hard copy certificate, please go to https://teflgraduate.com/shop. Certificates are mailed every Wednesday.
If you have misplaced your certificate, please order a new certificate through your account or at https://teflgraduate.com/shop, if your course has expired. The cost of a new certificate starts from £20/$25 upwards, depending on your location.

Yes we do! Our experienced recruitment team will help you find a teaching position abroad.
You can apply for jobs immediately, Please contact us at jobs@teflgraduate.com to discuss job opportunities.
There is a demand for TEFL teachers in every corner of the world. Please visit our section on Teaching Abroad.
A degree is a requirement for many countries but there are many employers that will hire you without a degree. Here are some fantastic destinations where you can teach English without a degree • Asia – China is the largest employer in the world for TEFL teachers. Other countries to consider in this vast region are India, Burma, Malaysia, Philippines. • South America – This region is booming. Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Mexico are very popular tourist destinations and there is now a huge demand for the local population to learn English • Europe – Providing you have an EU passport or dual nationality, jobs in Europe are plentiful.