Farah Tianihad – Thailand

My experience with TEFL Graduate so far has been great. Soon after I finished the TEFL course, Carlos contacted me to help me get started with my TEFL journey. I always knew I wanted to teach in Thailand so I tried applying to some schools myself online but for some reason I got no response. I sent my CV and other details to Carlos and he got me set up with interviews with three different companies in Thailand in no time. I accepted my job with Sine Education within less than two weeks. I was delighted with the service and couldn’t thank Carlos enough!
So far, I am loving my new life in Thailand. The company who hired me, Sine Education, hire English teachers for schools all over Thailand. I teach at one of the biggest schools in Thailand which has nearly 6000 students. Most of my classes are very large with nearly 50 students in every class, which can sometimes be tiring, but mostly rewarding. I teach 20 lessons a week and my students are all so sweet and lively. The Thai teachers are all very welcoming too and helped us get settled in.
I was nervous about moving to Bangkok but it is very different from what I thought it would be like. There is always a great atmosphere in the city, the Thai people are some of the nicest people you will meet and the food is amazing! All in all, I would highly recommend Bangkok as a location for teaching English.

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