Hannah Plewinski – Taiwan

My experience settling into teaching with HESS in Taiwan went very smoothly. After two weeks of training, I was sent to my school in Luodong, a small city about an hour from Taipei. I enjoy living in Luodong, it is famous for its night market and is close to some beautiful beaches, waterfalls and hot springs. At my school, I teach a kindy class every morning, with a mix of different tuition classes in the afternoon. Most of my students are aged between 5-10 years old. Taiwan has handled the COVID 19 pandemic very well, so other than mask wearing in public and the occasional temperature checks, I can go about my life as normal. Taiwan is an incredibly diverse country and I have loved exploring its many cities, mountains and islands during my holidays.

Carlos at TEFL Graduate made the process of choosing a country and school very easy for me. He helped me to narrow down my choices to a few companies and within a week had scheduled several interviews for me. I am glad I chose HESS in Taiwan and have decided to extend my teaching contract here for another year. I highly recommend TEFL Graduate for anyone looking to teach English overseas.

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