Harriett Capewell – Vietnam

Carlos was great at finding a company that suited us, we wouldn’t have had a clue where to start and Carlos made it so easy for us. Everything is great in Vietnam, due to closing the borders very quickly and the generally proactive government, life has been pretty much completely normal since Covid started. Life in Vietnam is great, the salary I earn is high in comparison to the cost of living which gives me a lot of freedom. HCMC is a great place to live and has everything you could ever need and more. The social life is great and the work-life balance is incredible. My school was great and the kids were fabulous, I am now a Head Teacher in a different school/centre with the same company which is amazing.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Apax’s compromised reputation now, with late payments etc, this is not really an issue for me but if recommending the company I would highlight that they are still not on track with payments since the start of Covid.

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