HESS International Educational Group was established in 1983 in Taipei, Taiwan. Our three pillars are integrity, dependability, and innovation. We have been focusing on promoting global cultures and languages, starting from teaching English and Chinese to elementary school students, to our ever-expanding range of courses for preschoolers, junior high school students, and adults.

We have broadened our educational and cultural philosophy to include overseas study programs, bookstores, publishing, educational research and development, and educational charitable activities. Our next venture is sharing the HESS education experience with the rest of world, and we have started our journey with schools in Singapore, China, Korea, and Vietnam.

HESS teachers come from all walks of life. Whether you are seeking adventure or looking to further your career in education, HESS has the established environment for you. With various locations in Taiwan and across Asia, there is a place for you to hone your teaching and interpersonal skills and find personal and professional growth.



The first steps to being a HESS teacher

In addition to the initial training, follow-up trainings are held in the first, third, and sixth months of the first year for all new teachers.

A wide range of topics is covered, including teaching methodology and educational psychology, and a wealth of practical knowledge from our experienced staff is available to all HESS teachers.

There are many learning, teaching and friendship opportunities to be had as a HESS teacher in Taiwan.

A full range of support for your learners

We have developed a set of curricula with a full range of materials, including flashcards, posters, digital media and visual aids.

This gives you the freedom to write your own lesson plans and have all teaching resources ready for use.

You will be equipped with simple and effective teaching methods through our training program, allowing you to give your students the best language-learning support they need.



  • NT$620–660 per hour

  • A stipend of NT$3,000 per month is provided for lesson preparations and other teaching-related duties

  • Universal Health Insurance

  • A minimum of 20 teaching hours per week, averaged monthly, guarantees that all teachers receive a base salary

  • Raises and Contract Bonuses

  • Performance Bonuses

  • Zero Interest Set-up Loan




  • Must have a passport from an English speaking country: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc

  • Must have completed a University Degree or have both an Associate’s Degree and a TEFL Certificate. All majors welcome.

  • TEFL course

  • Age: 20-42

  • Must stay for at least a year. Can stay longer, 30% of our staff has been with HESS for more than 5 years!

  • Must have no serious criminal charges on your record to work with children.