Teach English in or near:  Central Hong Kong, Kowloon

Hong Kong, made up of mainland Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, is part of China but the formerly independent and densely populated metropolis is a long-established East Asian centre for International business and commerce in addition to being an administrative centre for China.

A former British colony that has developed in harmony with Western mores and open to Western influence far longer than mainland China, Hong Kong offers a very integrated and comfortable living experience for foreign English teachers, despite not having lost any of its authentic Chinese character.

The official languages are English and Chinese, but with a majority Chinese-speaking population, teaching opportunities still abound, inclusive of excellent benefits, easy access to mainland China and some of its own well-known cultural spectacles, such as the annual dragon-boat races. Hong Kong is also a centre for East Asian cuisine and unsurpassed shopping – from night markets to designer and bespoke stores.

Finding work as an English Teacher in Hong Kong

Foreign English teachers are in huge demand in this cosmopolitan region. Opportunities are available to teach kindergarten, primary and secondary level children at private and public schools or at the many language schools which cater for all ages. Expect fantastic pay and excellent working conditions.

Public Schools

If you have an English degree, teaching experience, or a TEFL/TESOL Certificate, then you are eligible to apply through the Native-speaking English Teacher Scheme (NET). This program is affiliated with a variety of public schools and you can apply to teach either elementary and middle school or high school. These typically ask for a two-year contract, which begin and end in August.

International schools

There are a ton of international schools all over Hong Kong, which include British, American, Australian and Canadian schools. International schools will require a degree in the area or subject you will teach. If you have extensive teaching experience, then they may make an exception.

Private Tutoring 

Teachers can post ads in newspapers or flyers in popular neighbourhoods. As a private tutor you can charge anywhere from HKD300 to HKD500 per hour depending on your skill level and abilities. Be wary of this option since it does not come with a work visa and you would only be able to do this if you already have a Hong Kong Residency Permit.

Monthly SalarySalary ranges from HK$15,000 to HK$50,000 per month.
Length of Contract1 to 2 years
AccommodationAccommodation is provided by the schools
AirfareReturn airfare paid at end of contract
Start datesNET scheme – Winter and Spring Private schools – All year round
 Requirements Bachelor’s degree and TEFL certificate

Hong Kong has more skyscrapers than any other city in the world

Approximately 3/4 of Hong Kong is rural, comprising of 24 country parks, scenic hills, woodlands, reservoirs and coastline easily accessible from the city

The IQ average is 107

Hong Kong has more Rolls Royce’s per person than any other city in the world