James Stephen Hulse – Thailand

Through my period of being connected with Carlos as a representative of TEFL Graduate I have nothing but great words, a lot of complications were hit due to lack of knowledge with travelling and Teaching, and he was nothing but supportive and actively communicating to help me prevail.

 In terms of support, I really cannot express how much of a good person Carlos is, he went from my recruiter to being somebody I would communicate with in a friendship manner and helped put a lot into perspective. As somebody with a deprived life experience, Carlos related in this aspect and communicated regular to keep me focused on the bigger picture.

Carlos was not just someone who cared about his pay, he helped me build a confidence to construct a new aura resulting in me flying to Thailand for my first ever flight and start a new life chapter, I became a new me and he is the only person I have to thank.

I’m writing this from an experience of half a year living in Thailand, in all honesty I could not be so proud of myself, and even more I’m so thankful I had Carlos on my side, he really has a great heart and if you’re reading this and feeling hesitant then I urge you to have trust in him because this opportunity may not come again, and he is the best person to help you fulfil the dream of living abroad despite whoever you are.

In terms of teaching life, it’s nothing more than I could ask for, life is so relaxed and in relation to the process of flights and preparing with my company, Carlos would always send emails if something was causing an issue to myself, I promised him this testimony a long time ago and everything I’ve just written is an understatement to how much I owe him.

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