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Job Description

Greetings everyone. We are a growing online school of American English operating in Europe that helps students of all ages speak and understand the language. Our clients are beginners, older students, business and IT professionals, and those who just love learning.
Many of our students have been learning English for decades, and thanks to the old-fashioned education system, they still can’t speak. Many of them are too afraid and have had negative experience with e-learning. Many of them think they are too old to learn.
We believe everyone deserves to understand and be understood.

The Position: We’re looking for passionate and fun online tutors who are ready to teach one or several of the following subjects:
• English for Business/IT professionals ($18 and up)
• English for beginners ($14 and up)
• English for older students 50+ ($14 and up)
• General English ($14 and up)

• C1 level of spoken American/Canadian English OR a native speaker of American/Canadian English
• At least 1 year of experience as an ESL tutor (reference needed) OR
a Bachelor’s Degree/Certification in ESL teaching (current students are welcome too)
• Knowledge of any additional language (Polish, Ukrainian, German, French, etc.) strongly desirable
• For IT/Business English: experience studying/working in the fields; for working with older students: experience working/teaching older people (+ patience!)
• Clear, easily understandable speech and pronunciation
• Easy-going, cheerful demeanor
• Free spirit (remember: the goal is to teach students to speak and understand, most of them will not need to know all the complicated grammar rules!)
• Punctuality

• Organizing and leading 1-on-1 online lessons
• Organizing and leading 30-minute free trials
• Assigning and checking homework on time (if requested by the student)
• Showing up 2-3 minutes before the lesson start time, and ending the lesson after as scheduled
• Making sure you have a stable Internet connection, a web camera, and a headset/earphones
• Familiarizing yourself and working in accordance with the school policy and code of conduct
• Reporting any issues to our staff

Salary & Benefits

  • Salary: 14-40 USD/hour
  • Accommodation Provided: Yo
  • Other Benefits: Work/life balance; work from anywhere; Pay 2x/month - no minimum


  • Native English Speaker: Preferred
  • TEFL hours required: 50
  • Teaching Experience: Yes
  • Degree Required: yes
  • Type of Degree: Bachelor's
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Job Infosheet

  • Start Date: October 1, 2022
  • Length of Contract: indefinite
  • Hours of Work: 20
  • Number of Positions: 30
  • Region: Worldwide

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