Keisha Williams – Thailand

The pandemic hit every industry hard, especially TEFL, since being able to safely travel abroad to teach is essential to the job. Given the circumstances my recruiter Carlos worked tirelessly to try to find me a teaching job abroad in a country that was not only open but also safe for teachers to work in during the pandemic. I like many teachers interviewed at schools in China, Vietnam, Korea, etc and was very excited to be hired only to be told unfortunately you could not travel there. So when I heard I could travel to Thailand, it was a dream come true for me. I arrived in Phuket to quarantine and because I was fully vaccinated was able to explore the amazing beaches there and even snorkel for the first time I ever. I was able to also explore Bangkok and do some shopping before finally traveling to the school I was assigned to. SINE, the teaching company I work with, had a representative pick me up from the bus station, assisted me in finding an apartment and settling down in the country. Thailand is an amazing location for teachers because you are able to maintain an amazing quality of life for a very low cost and save to travel. As a first time teacher, SINE, was ideal for me because the lessons are all planned out and the media devices used to teach them in class is pretty user friendly. Teachers are also greatly respected in Thailand which made classroom management a lot easier than I expected. I would highly recommend Thailand and SINE for new teachers who want to get some face to face experience.

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