Kieran Reiss Delaney – Vietnam

After gaining my TEFL certificate to teach I was approached via e-mail by one of their agents almost immediately. Carlos was an amazing help and went above and beyond to secure me an interview with the company of my choice, APAX Leaders in Vietnam. I luckily secured the position and obviously due to the pandemic went 6 months later to first planned but it couldn’t be helped. The company paid for my quarantine and even my travel so it more than made up for the unavoidable wait. Carlos checked up on me immediately to make sure I was coping with quarantine and the transition in general. It has been a near dream like experience so far. Everything went so smoothly considering the problems caused by the pandemic. The job is excellent and I couldn’t be happier working in Vietnam. It is a beautiful country and has been an excellent adventure finding my way here, and I will always be thankful for Carlos and TEFL graduate for making this happen.

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