Kiran Sahonta – China

Working with Carlos and TEFL Graduate is truly one of the best working decisions I’ve ever made! I was first contacted by Carlos in March 2017. I completed my TEFL Graduate certificate online. The process was straightforward and informative. Carlos supported me in my application to a teaching Fellowship in Colombia. Carlos readily replied to any questions I had. His wealth of experience and contacts meant that any concerns I had, were quickly addressed.
It’s been a little over one year since I first made contact with Carlos. In that time, I have already had the opportunity to work and travel in South America – a continent I had never visited and may not have been able too otherwise. Now, I find myself teaching in China, enjoying a number of work benefits and developing a real career as an ESL teacher. Carlos handled much of my application and was really useful in helping me prep for my interview. I have referred friends to TEFL Graduate and now they too are preparing for their own new opportunities and adventures, I could not be happier. The service offered by Carlos and TEFL Graduate, really is as good as it seems!

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