Laura French – South Korea

I was reached out by Carlos when I applied for a TEFL Graduate for the course. I Initially said no as I already had a job. However, that job fell flat and it was the best thing to happen. I reached out to Carlos seeking some help, we were able to discuss my options and I was shocked about how many places were an option. After our talk we decided on South Korea! After matching up to two different options. Carlos continuously checked in to make sure everything was working out, up until the day I left.

Migrating to South Korea wasn’t as daunting as I imagined especially during a pandemic. A bit of advice for anyone considering working here, is to do your research. Everything from schools to culture expectations. Working at a hagwon isn’t easy work but it is rewarding.

I do plan on continuing my career within teaching English as a second language, I also plan on staying with and working with Carlos again!

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