Leanne Hobbins – South Africa

I started my TEFL journey in Daegu, South Korea. The City has lots of things to do and see and I have enjoyed many parks and hiking up many mountains whilst I have been here. The views have been fantastic! I have seen many amazing cultural landscapes and have enjoyed integrating into Korean culture very much. Coming to Daegu was my first time travelling outside of Europe for my first English teaching job. The co-teachers at my academy are all super nice and helpful and speak English well. We had no trouble with communication between anyone in the school. The students were mostly lovely but could be a handful at times. Despite this, I received a lot of love from my students and I feel grateful for that!
My experience with TEFL graduate was very positive! They opened up a lot of options for me and were always there when I had questions that needed answering. My contact, Carlos, was always very friendly and helpful every time I spoke to him and really tried his best to make the process as comfortable and easy as possible. Contact with Daegu TEFL Jobs after that was also a good experience and everyone exceeded expectations. They were all very friendly and did everything they could to help me and provide advice. I have attached some photos of my journey so far. I have really enjoyed my time in South Korea so far and I hope to stay here in a different position after my current contract finishes. All thanks to TEFL Graduate!!

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