Martha Haidari – South Korea

‘I’m not exaggerating when I say TEFL Graduate may just be the best customer service I’ve ever received and the best value for money. I bought it on a whim and South Korea really seemed like a dream and although I committed to the program I didn’t truly believe I’d get to South Korea. I was also not convinced a TEFL certificate would be enough to make me a teacher. The whole course was so interesting and helpful and I got my certificate in no time and those 120 hours truly gave me such important information, knowledge and insight.

Now, moving on to my recruiter there is a lot to say. Carlos is the reason I got as far as I did. I worked hard to get to South Korea but Carlos made sure he was there every step of the way and that no part of the process would be neglected or detail missed. From the beginning of the journey he went over all the countries I was interested in teaching in and gave a very detailed  list of pros and some cons for schools in each country. Once I had decided South Korea looked like a great suit for me he sent me an application for EPIK (a popular English Teaching program in South Korea) and said I could also apply to one other program at the same time. I had heard EPIK was a competitive program especially due to the many benefits teacher’s receive such as rent coverage. I wasn’t sure if I had enough experience and knowledge to get in to EPIK so was going to put my focus on another program but Carlos’ belief from the start that we’d make sure I’d get in was inspiring and I went for it. I’ll be honest applying for EPIK is a lot of hard work and a grueling process at times but having Carlos help me throughout the process was such a blessing. Many people either had to go through it alone or had recruiter’s who weren’t as committed. Carlos went above and beyond. He was meticulous in looking over every detail of my application so it was the best it could possibly be. He was always available to give me advice or settle my confusions at all times.

I am now living in Seoul in South Korea and I am still in disbelief that I have made it here. It is such a beautiful, friendly and refreshingly different country to my own. I have a lovely flat I do not pay rent for and a great job in a school and so many beautiful places to visit and things to do on the weekend such as go out to the party central in Hongdae or visit the market near my flat and get flowers and fruit or pick up some dumplings from my local store!

In short, I suggest using TEFL Graduate if you have a dream to change your life and live in a whole new country but it seems impossible to you or a far away concept. TEFL Graduate will make it simple.

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