Melanie Du Toit – China

I had a big decision to make the day I turned 29. Am I going to have a 9-5 job for the rest of my life, working from paycheck to paycheck or am I going to be brave, take a big chance and work abroad. I chose the latter! I came across TEFL Graduate while browsing for TEFL courses online, I registered, paid and within no time I was assigned with a tutor and a lot of help. I finished my 150 hour course in 2 weeks’ time and immediately had a response from Carlos (the recruiter). I never thought finding a job abroad could be so easy. Carlos send me a lot of options, and I could basically choose where I wanted to teach English as a foreign language. As my best friend and I were traveling together, TEFL Graduate was so helpful that they found a way for us to work together in the same city and in real close proximity to each other. After every interview or milestone Carlos was checking in to see how we were doing – he still is checking in!
I would recommend TEFL Graduate for anyone old or young who is bored with their lifestyle and would like to travel and explore different cities and cultures. Being a TEFL foreign teacher in Chengdu, China has financial and personal perks! AND I LOVE IT!

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