Monkey Tree is a fast-growing organisation promoting English education to young learners. It was first established in Hong Kong in 2009 and they now have over 55 centres in different locations spread across the country.



5000 HKD for the first 8 days of training, then 21,500 HKD per month for the first 6 months, and then 22,000 HKD from the 7th to 12th month.

visa assistance (290 HKD to be refunded to the teacher), housing assistance (Monkey Tree accommodation is available. The teacher will still pay rent but it’s cheaper and fully furnished. 6,600 – 8,800 HKD is directly deducted from the teacher’s monthly salary), end of contract bonus, paid training and orientation, opportunities for career growth in numerous fields within the organisation, and more.



  • AGE GROUPS: 2.5 to 12

  • CLASS SIZE: no more than 10 students.

  • LOCATIONS: across Hong Kong.

  • START DATES: year-round

  • CONTRACT LENGHT: 12 month-contracts only.


  • Native English speaker from the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand and in possession of a valid passport (that has at least 12 months’ validity remaining).

  • Hold a fully completed Bachelor’s degree (or higher)

  • Hold a 120 hour TEFL Certificate

  • Hold a clean national criminal background check.


 You’ll be teaching 30 hours per week and have two days off (most likely during the week). The typical work schedule is from 9am to 6:30pm with 1.5 hours for lunch. You’ll be teaching around 6 lessons per day; the rest is used for admin and preparation.