Nathan Alleyne – Thailand

My experience with Carlos has been an absolute delight. I find Carlos to be a very well spoken, kind, helpful, positive and exceptionally professional individual. He has been extraordinarily helpful in quickly answering any queries or questions i may have and has always provided the answers i was looking for.  I am Teaching in Thailand at ‘SKW Pathumthani’ on the outskirts of Bangkok; my experience with the school has been largely positive. The only negatives is that the COVID19 situation has meant a lot of online teaching, rather than in person. Unfortunately that is the climate at the moment and no one can be blamed for it.

For anyone considering Thailand, I’d definitely say go for it! The country is beautiful, the people are so helpful and friendly and there are so many things for people of all tastes to do. So far I have been to islands, temples, started muay Thai and been to a number of clubs, bars and restaurants. It has been great and I’m really looking forward to what the rest of my journey has to offer!

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