Neelan Feeney – Vietnam

I am really enjoying it so far, I just love Vietnam and obviously teaching is my passion, so it’s been a win-win situation for me.  The experience has been amazing – I’ve already started thinking of my next stop! I want to continue travelling after my year here.

I want to thank you for helping me with this process, you were fantastic and provided me with all the information I needed to achieve my dream of teaching here in Vietnam, not only did you set up my interview for me but you also checked up on me multiple times to see if everything was ok and if I had any questions – which I really appreciate. 

Regarding my centre, when I was placed both the head teacher and CM emailed me with a warm welcome, this made me feel less nervous about my first day. Everyone at my centre is extremely helpful and kind. My head teacher is always checking in on me and the other new teacher when we arrive to the centre to see if we need any information on what to teach for that day (which is extremely useful as the for the first month until you fully feel comfortable and know exactly what you are doing). Even though I was placed half an hour away from where I live, I decided not to change centres as I have already built great relationships with both the staff and kids! However, my main issue is with the APAX delayed payments, even though we get what we are owed at the end of the month, they will email an hour before the day we are going to get paid to tell us they can’t pay us and we have to wait another 5/6 days. This is frustrating, getting paid in instalments is hard enough especially when you are new here (to help you set up), therefore, I being told an hour before the time you should be paid in my eyes, is disrespectful.  

Furthermore, Vietnam is definitely one of the most beautiful countries I have been to, there is always something new to see and the people are very friendly. I have two holidays planned (in Vietnam) already which I am really looking forward too – I want to explore most of Vietnam before I leave, it has so much to offer! Also, as a fussy eater myself, I need to add – THE FOOD IS AMAZING!!!!! (and super cheap).

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