The NOVA chain of English conversation schools has almost 300 branches throughout Japan. Most of the branches are located in central Japan and Hokkaido. Schools in Northern and Southern Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa are run by affiliated companies.

The NOVA brand delivers high-quality instruction and other language services to those who wish to improve their communicative proficiency in foreign languages. Students of a wide range of ages and ability levels, from complete beginner to very advanced, can choose to take small group or private lessons face-to-face in one of the many NOVA school branches throughout Japan, over a video-conferencing system or online from the comfort of their own homes, or a combination.

In addition to conversation skills-based lessons, test preparation courses are offered to students studying for specific English tests such as TOEIC or TOEFL. Also popular is our range of NOVA Plus courses. Some of these courses focus on specific skills (such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.,) and some are geared towards specific purposes (such as business or travel).



  • Group class sizes are limited to a maximum of five students for adult classes and eight for NOVA Bilingual Kids classes.

  • All instructors are native speakers of the respective language that they teach.

  • Lessons are taught in the target language only in order to be fully immersive.

  • There are many opportunities throughout the lesson to practice and apply the language being studied.

  • An individual, electronic study record is maintained for each student and used to identify, monitor, and cater to individual learning needs.

  • Study systems are flexible and convenient to use; students are able to combine different courses, languages and study locations.



  • Lesson remuneration rate of 1,200 – 1,900 yen per 40-minute lesson.

  • Work visa sponsorship for applicants with a bachelor’s degree.

  • Positions also available for those eligible for a working holiday visa.

  • A personal private studio apartment (50-70,000 yen per month) is an option.

  • 100,000 yen flight allowance (50,000 yen within Asia) for those who commit to 34 lessons/week for 1 year.

  • Signing bonus

  • Transportation allowance

  • Monthly incentives

  • 20,000 – 30,000 yen Christmas bonus for those who commit to 34 lessons/week for 1 year.




  • Native English Speaker

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher preferred

  • Minimum age is 20 years

  • 120 hour TEFL certificate preferred

  • 12 years education in an English-Speaking school

  • High energy individuals