Our client was established in October 2007 and since then has been striving to operate relentlessly throughout Vietnam. They have huge recognition for improving the quality of teaching and learning English in primary, secondary and high schools across the country.

Our client’s method of using information technology in teaching, learning and testing contributes to innovating teaching methods and accelerating, promoting the effectiveness of teaching and learning English in schools.


  • Be a native English speaker
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree in any subject or higher degree or have teaching English qualification namely TEFL, TESOL or CELTA
  • (Preferable) Have experience in the field of teaching English to young learners 
  • Have sense of humor
  • Be patient, enthusiastic, confident & result-oriented


  • 1500 USD – 2000 USD/ month
  • 20 hours of teaching + 10 hours of other academic work
  • One-way airline ticket cost to get to Vietnam
  • Visa fee and entire cost to obtain work permit
  • Accommodation support for the first month in Vietnam
  • 10 – 12 paid national holidays per year
  • Domestic vacation with colleagues: 1 time per year
  • Performance bonus after 6 months of teaching: Maximum bonus: US$1000
  • Teachers will be given private laptop, stationery and other tools/ equipment as required to perform the work.


  • Teach Communication English (with the support of our teaching assistants) to young learners

  • Assess students’ performance, plan lessons and working schedules

  • Give students tests and exercises

  • Prepare teaching materials, individual and group activities

  • Deliver English lessons to a range of classes (Pre-School, Pre-Starter, Starters, Movers, FCE…) and encourage students to talk in English to develop their English skills and understanding.

  • Be responsible for any problems arising in the class.

  • Assess students’ progress, record comments after each lesson and write student reports.
  • Other jobs relevant to teaching and preparing for classes will be assigned by the managers

Please complete the Application Form once only. If you are interested in several positions, these can be discussed with a member of our team during your initial interview.