Course Description

Develop your knowledge and skills with this easy to follow online photography course. Great for beginners or enthusiasts. Over 50 video tutorials demonstrating DSLR and compact camera photography.

Learn about camera settings, how to get sharper images, taking amazing photos indoor and outdoor, landscape photography and much more.

A fantastic course offered by a professional photographer with more than 20 years’ experience.

General Information?

Any type of camera will be suitable for this course.

Course is self-paced

12 months to complete.

24/7 access


Section: 1. Beginner camera settings (important info used in subsequent lectures)

Section: 2. More advance camera settings

Section: 3. Improve your images with natural lighting

Section: 4. Improve your images using better composition

Section: 5. Tips on posing for portraits

Section: 6. Landscapes and scenery

Section: 7. Flash photography

Section: 8. Information and tips on using lenses

Section: 9. Other general techniques

Section: 10 – How to take a really flattering Profile or PR photo

Section: 11 – Which digital camera to buy next, megapixels is not the answer