Teach English in or near: Doha

Situated on a peninsular in the Persian Gulf, Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and like many such progressive Arab countries, welcoming of foreigners. Most of this ‘almost island’ country is comprised of desert, but this is offset by an encompassing shoreline of beautiful beaches, and magnificent skyscrapers that rival those of Dubai.

In between the modern architectural marvels in the capital Doha you will find much to remind of the rich Islamic and even pre-Islamic desert traditions upon which the local culture is built, and which is revered as much today as ever. This reverence is evidenced in dress, cuisine, sightseeing and through opportunities afforded foreigners to explore the culture and history of the Middle East – from camel racing to falconry to the magnificent Museum of Islamic Art in Doha. As a foreign English teacher you may be allowed certain Western ‘freedoms’ not permitted locals.


Finding Work as an English Teacher in Qatar

One of the wealthy countries in the world, Qatar undeniably offers some of the most financially lucrative packages for foreign English Teachers. Nevertheless living costs are high and as already mentioned there are Islamic laws, cultural parameters and social restrictions to take into account. It is also relatively difficult for foreigners with only a TEFL certificate to find a teaching position in Qatar. In almost all cases you will need a teaching or other tertiary degree and a fair amount of experience as a TEFL teacher. Most TEFL teaching vacancies are posted by private language schools, the British Council, Universities and private employers looking for English tutors.

Be cautious about getting work ‘under the table’ in Qatar. You should apply for jobs from outside the country and be sponsored for both work permit, entry AND exit visas under the strict ‘Kalafa System’ applicable to foreigners who wish to live and work in Qatar.

Teaching English in Private Language Schools

There are a number of private language schools and centres in Doha, the capital city of Qatar. These schools generally only hire TEFL graduates with existing tertiary degrees and at least 1 – 3yrs experience teaching English as a foreign language.

Teaching English in Universities

There is a high demand for TEFL graduates in Qatar who can teach at suitably high University level. Again, an existing degree and plenty of proven experience is required in addition to proof of high-level teaching skills.

Teaching English in International Schools

There many International Schools in Qatar catering for a burgeoning expat community, mostly in and around Doha. However, most International Schools will require candidates to be licensed teachers. There’s little demand for teachers with only TEFL certificates in these schools, despite students coming from a variety of backgrounds (including local), and speaking a variety of languages.

Private English Tutoring for Children, Adults and Business Executives

You may find ‘private tutoring’ positions in Qatar as posted outside of Qatar by businesses, Universities and private individuals, but if you have other sponsored entry and there are no restrictions placed on you ‘moonlighting’ outside of your main job, it’s easy to take advantage of a huge demand for private tutors in Qatar, particularly in Doha.

Monthly Salary9,000 – 14,000 QAR
AirfareFully paid for or reimbursed
Working Hours18 – 25 teaching hours per week
AccommodationUsually included or allowance given
Hiring SeasonPositions are open throughout the year
Length of Contract12 to 24 months
RequirementsTEFL and Bachelor’s degree

Qatar will be the smallest country ever to host the World Cup in 2022, although it has never qualified for the Cup before

Weekends in Qatar fall on Friday and Saturday

Qatar cultivates less than 1% of its land, imports 90% of its food, and has only 2 days’ worth of water reserves

Oil and Gas is the main source of revenue for the State of Qatar. With the 3rd largest proven gas reserves