Richard Rimmer – Japan

I’ve now been teaching ESL for over 9 years, having taught in Thailand, the UK, China, Cambodia, Vietnam and now Japan. Now 48 I am coming to the end of my teaching time abroad, or at least so far away in Asia. I’ve taught all ages from Kindergarten through to adults and all abilities from beginner to advance.
I first did my TEFL course in Thailand 2008 on a return trip from Australia. My first teaching job was at a Kindergarten in a private school in Pattaya Thailand, not something I planned but coming from a drama school background I guess I was slightly pigeon holed, later on I went on to teach at government and private schools in Bangkok, this I did for a further 4 years, after this I then went for a complete change of scenery and culture teaching at a Language center in Shanghai China, then another complete change teaching my degree subject Drama at an International school in Phnom Phen Cambodia. Since then I have gone onto work in Vietnam summer schools in the UK and now Japan where I am currently working.
Overall my experience certainty hasn’t been mundane and boring, I’ve been to so many wonderful places, some of the best beaches, Full Moon parties and mountain ranges, experienced so many wonderful and diverse cultures, met some fantastic people, fellow teachers and students, not to mention all the lovely food from all of these countries. All this made possible from teaching English as a foreign language. I keep threatening to give it all up but it’s all terribly seductive especially when you’re back home for a while in the cold gloomy weather. If you are young free and single and have no ties, I would advise anyone to get out there a give it a shot, even if you find this is not for you, nothing is wasted, it is a most unique experience

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