Sally Boulton – Japan

In February 2017 I was working for a small English academy in Barcelona. Even though I was very happy and settled in Spain and made time to improve my Spanish and studied Catalan, I knew that I wanted to challenge myself further and to teach English in Japan.  I began asking colleagues who had worked in Korea for some advice. Most of them recommended finding an online TEFL course.

On my search for an online TEFL course I came across TEFL Graduate. The price was great, I could do it all online from the comfort of my home and it also offered employment opportunities on completion. Without further hesitation I enrolled on 120hr course.

The course itself was really well structured. It was broken down into modules each with a multiple-choice test at the end. There were also some assignments to complete based on the course content.

I enjoyed learning from this course because it supported my understanding of teaching English as a foreign language and I found that the content was really appropriate for teaching all over the world and to different ages.

After completing the course I applied for an English teaching job in Japan. TEFL Graduate was very supportive throughout the whole process so it all ran very smoothly.

By 8th July 2017, thanks to all of the prior preparation, I arrived at Tokyo airport. On the 10th July the job training began.

I am currently based near to Yokohama. I have easy access to Tokyo and my job is a 15 minute train ride away. It has been a lot of work adjusting to the new culture and the new job but it’s exactly the challenge that I was looking for.

I will continue to stay in contact with TEFL Graduate for my future English Teaching jobs.

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