Teach English in or near:  Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville

Spain is synonymous with art and architecture, the Costa del Sol, fun-filled Mediterranean islands and unique cultures rich in tradition and a love of life that translates into delicious cuisine, tapas bars, a vibrant nightlife and iconic traditions like the flamenco dance. The home of Goya, Gaudi, Dali and Picasso, Spain is replete with art, museums and in

Barcelona in particular you will find gothic and modernist architecture unique in Europe.

Spain is a large country made up of culturally and geographically diverse regions – almost impossible to describe in a couple of paragraphs. Suffice to say that wherever you end up teaching there is something for everyone, from the capital Madrid to quaint towns, whether you love outdoors or socialising in tapas bars. The coastal areas offer decadent boating fun and long beaches, and if you really want to kick it – Ibiza beckons the young and young at heart.


Finding Work as an English Teacher in Spain

Spain offers plenty of opportunities to teach English at private language schools, International schools,  at summer camps, in public schools (through government programmes) and as a private tutor. Spain is currently the most popular destination in Europe for foreign English language teachers, with an annually growing demand for teachers across the country. EU passport holders do not need to apply for work permits, but will still need experience and a BA degree in addition to a TEFL qualification for top level private and International schools. If you have plenty of valuable high-level experience as a teacher and a BA degree, it’s difficult but not impossible get a work visa with a pre-arranged position if you do not hold an EU passport. Opportunities for non-EU passport holders also exist through government teaching and ‘cultural assist’ programmes in Spain, though the pay will be little more than a stipend. Pay can be good in big cities, but otherwise the main advantage to teaching English in Spain is living there, enjoying the culture and learning Spanish.

Teaching English in Private Language Schools

Private language schools can be found in all cities across Spain. Employers in the bigger cities offer the best paid jobs but the majority require some teaching experience as well as TEFL certification. Consider approaching language school in lesser-known towns and smaller cities to kick-start your teaching career. You will very likely need a BA degree to be considered for the bigger, more established schools.

Teaching English in International Schools

Experienced English teachers with BA degrees will have the opportunity to teach at one of Spain’s many International schools. These schools tend to have smaller classes and a more relaxed environment. Although these schools offer the best salaries, all foreign English teachers must have 2-3 years of teaching experience before applying.

Teaching English at EL Summer Camps

As in other countries in Europe, English Language Summer Camps are a popular medium for students to brush up on their English skills. These camps offer short contracts over the summer months as well as a fun way to teach. These positions are ideal for young TEFL graduates looking to get some teaching experience behind them and learn Spanish in the process. Camps usually hire around June, and a TEFL qualification with a propensity for activities will usually suffice. You can choose between urban ‘sleep-out’ camps or rural ‘sleep-away’ camps where you will share accommodation with students and other teachers.

Teaching English at Public Schools

Although not at all financially lucrative, teaching English at a public school in Spain through a government sponsored programme is an excellent way to gain valuable teaching experience. The Spanish Ministry of Education runs various programmes on and off.

Private English Tutoring for Children, Adults and Business Executives

There are plenty of opportunities all over Spain to teach English as a private tutor, especially tutoring adults. Hourly rates range from 14-25 EUROS p/h, possibly more if you are able to provide a very high-level of tutoring to University students or businesspeople.

Monthly Salary700 – 1400 Euros
AirfareRarely included
Working Hours20 – 25 hours per week
AccommodationAssistance provided by the school
Hiring SeasonJanuary, September and October
Length of Contract6 – 12 months
RequirementsTEFL certificate and EU citizen

La Tomatina is an annual festival held in Spain where people throw thousands of tomatoes at each other.

43% of the world’s olive oil production is done in Spain

There’s a zipline connecting Spain and Portugal. It’s 2,365 ft (720 m) and 60 seconds long

Slandering or defaming the Royal family in Spain can carry a sentence of up to two years in prison

The Spanish tourism industry is one of the largest in the world, bringing in billions of Euros into the Spanish economy