Let Taiwan be your gateway to an exciting new world. Imagine a life filled with fireworks, kung fu, red lanterns, karaoke, hot springs, pushcart vendors, tai chi, fried rice, cute kids, and students who want to learn. Now imagine enough income to take it all in! You can sample all this and more and still save money when you are teaching.


Our client offers a contract with a guaranteed a minimum number of 20 teaching hours per week, averaged over the month. This allows teachers to budget and save confidently while providing flexibility. With this contract, there’s also time to devote to other interests or take on more teaching hours.
Get paid for the time you teach, not for time wasted in the office. With a starting pay of NT$580–620 (based on experience and qualifications), you can easily save money and pay off your student loans. Being paid hourly means we pay you for your time in the classroom. There are no office hours and no required time at your school other than when you have a class. If you would like to take your homework to your apartment to grade it, that’s OK! You are only required to be at your school when you’re teaching.


Once a year, teachers are appraised and given raises. Raises apply to your hourly pay rate and are up to NT$40/hour, depending on performance and professionalism. The ceiling pay rate of NT$750 per hour can be reached after four or five years of good appraisals.


If you’re not a teacher, don’t panic: we can teach you how to teach. With more than 30 years of developing curriculum, teaching classes, and training teachers, we know a thing or two about how to teach English effectively, and we can train you in everything you need to know. Curious about our training program? Instead of reading about it, check out the video and photos below!


One year is really never enough time to fully enjoy and grow from the experience overseas. Experiencing at least two years living and teaching in Taiwan is something you cherish for the rest of your life. Teachers who complete their second consecutive contract will receive a bonus of NT$15,000. If you stay for a third year, you will receive NT$20,000 at the end of your third contract. Every completed contract after that will net you a NT$30,000 completion bonus at the end of the contract. This bonus can pay for a return flight home, an extended vacation in Southeast Asia, a chunk out of any student loans, or something special for yourself!


During the initial training, our client will set you up in a nearby hotel and cover the cost. The hotel is within walking distance of their main office, where the training is held. Located in the heart of Taipei City, the hotel has easy access to the Taipei MRT (subway). Not only are there many places to eat, a supermarket, and lots of coffee shops nearby, the computer market is also a short walk away so you can find everything you need to get set up. As most of the trainees stay in the hotel, you will have friends to go explore with and other people to help you prepare for training activities.


  • Bachelors degree
  • TEFL course
  • Age: 20 – 42


Teachers who renew their contract after their first year may choose to take an extra one month of vacation time each year in addition to the vacation days built into each yearly contract.

We understand that there are lots of start-up costs involved when you move to a new place, so we want to help. Our client has branches that offer an optional interest-free start-up loan to new teachers. The maximum amount is NT$30,000 per person. You may take up to six months to pay this back. Most teachers use this loan to help them set up their new apartments.

Working with our client, you will have a taste of working in a Taiwanese business environment, but we also have Western managers who will be your first point of contact. Having the touch of home will help you make the transition to living and working in a new country. With special focus on culture shock and cultural management, our client will train both its Western and Taiwanese management staff on how to work with its teachers.

Mandarin isn’t a prerequisite, but it’s certainly helpful. Our client is proud to have a partnership with National Taiwan Normal University’s world-renowned Mandarin Training Center, which is the largest and leading institution dedicated to teaching Chinese as a second language. NTNU has generously offered discounts to its employees who are interested in learning Mandarin as a way to enhance their time in Taiwan. Flexible courses are offered online in real time with certified professors, so you can study from any location! If you’re looking for something a little more casual, we also provide a pocket-sized “Mandarin Survival Guide” booklet and accompanying 3-CD audio set so you can easily carry a convenient reference or begin to learn Mandarin on the go.

Every time a class advances levels, if more than 90% of the students return, teachers receive a scaled bonus. The amount of the bonus varies between courses, and the maximum is NT$50,000 per year. On average, most teachers earn an extra NT$10,000 per year from this bonus.

After receiving your sponsored resident visa, we will apply for your national health insurance coverage. This costs you typically NT$300–500 a month (depending on income and area) which is automatically deducted from your salary. (That is a small fraction of the total cost. Our client and the government will pay the remainder.) The net effect is that you get extremely cheap access to Taiwan’s well-equipped health system, including dental work and Chinese traditional remedies.

1-day follow-up trainings are held for all new teachers three times in their first year. They are held after 1, 3, and 6 months of teaching. A wide range of teaching and educational psychology topics are covered. Trainings provide a wealth of practical advice and tips from experienced trainers and colleagues. They are also great opportunities to see friends and share your incredible experiences as teachers and foreigners in Taiwan.

We have set curricula with a full range of support materials such as CDs, posters, and visual aids, and classes are clearly structured. This means you don’t have to spend long hours compiling materials and writing your own lesson plans. In training, you will be equipped with simple yet effective teaching methods and systems that will allow you to use these materials well and enable your students to succeed.


Please complete the Application Form once only. If you are interested in several positions, these can be discussed with a member of our team during your initial interview.