The Best Things About TEFL in China

There’s nothing like living and working abroad to experience what a country has to offer, and China, one of the biggest and most culturally diverse countries in the world, has plenty to offer TEFL teachers.

Some of the best things about Teaching English as a Foreign Language in China include:

Chinese Cultural Festivals – on and off the TEFL Calendar

As a TEFL teacher, you will very likely be encouraged to take part on cultural festivities along with your class if they fall in term-time, even if ‘school is out’ for the duration of the festival. The most popular festivals celebrated right across China include the 3-day Dragon Boat Festival, celebrated mid-June, and the New Year’s Lantern Festival – famous for the millions of paper lanterns released at full moon. These are just two of many Chinese cultural festivals!

Taking part in the festivities with your students will add enormously to your experience of the various aspects of the festival and your knowledge of its history, why it is so important and what it means to the local people and your students. However, it’s unlikely you’ll get to enjoy such concentrated cultural immersion for more than the normal number of school hours you’d have worked that day if it wasn’t a cultural holiday, you’ll get paid for it, and you’ll have the rest of the time off to enjoy it along with your fellow TEFL teachers. As a TEFL teacher, you get to have all the fun you’d have a tourist, and much more.

Chinese Cuisine for TEFL teachers with adventurous taste-buds!

No festival in China is complete without the celebration of traditional foods, with each festival focusing on certain types of food and historically important dishes – e.g. sticky rice dumplings called Zongzi, are traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival.

Chinese Holidays

Like most countries in Asia, China prioritises public holidays, so in addition to the national festival holidays, you’ll have regular breaks in term-time as well as generous annual holidays, including a 3 to 4-week break in spring over the New Year period and a 7-day holiday from October 1st – 7th.

Travel & Sightseeing across China

The cost of travel in most parts of China is quite low, and you’ll have bountiful holiday travel options and destination both in China and the neighbouring Asian countries. There are innumerable sightseeing options across China – from the famous Great Wall of China and landmark Temples a host of smaller, localised attractions. From karaoke bars to local markets with all sorts of foods, parks with martial arts, family fun parks, and villages with tucked-away temples, to amazing natural attractions and a host of adventure activities within them.

TEFL in China – have fun teaching English or Launch your TEFL Career!

Most TEFL students also report great experiences in China, so it’s as safe a place as any for a young person to start a teaching career abroad. Its certainly one of the most interesting and guaranteed to broaden your horizons and expose you to cultures and to a way of life unlike anything you have experienced at home.

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