Why Vietnam is such a popular TEFL destination

It’s noisy, busy, bustling, crowded and chaotic. Tiny alleyways sag under the weight of food stalls, and the crowds that somehow fit in-between them, day and night, it never stops. You could spend a year staring at a road and never get bored trying to figure out all those mopeds miss each other, and another year trying to figure out how to get to the other side. It’s guaranteed to make you redefine your Western notions of chaos and organisation, challenge your ideas about what’s edible and give you a pounding headache until you get used to the relentless activity in cities that never sleep.

Great company, friendly locals, amazing food and cheap beer

You’ll be okay though, because you will be in great company! The Vietnamese are renowned for their friendliness, and there are TEFL teachers and travellers all over the place. You will have 10 new friends faster than you can blink. If they have been there for a while, they will introduce you to culinary delights beyond your imagination and teach you to cross the road. The latter is a bit of a mystery, but it is said to involve simply stepping off the sidewalk and trusting that all of the hundreds of bikes coming at you from every direction will somehow miss you. Beer is also cheap. Very cheap!!!!

Low living costs, cheap travel and amazing natural attractions

It’s very easy to save money as a TEFL teacher in Vietnam. Although the higher salaries You can live well, go out every night, eat to your heart’s content (and you will want to!), buy what you want at the markets and still save money. You’ll never be short of funds to travel around and explore a country so beautiful, so unique and so otherworldly it is often described as ‘magical’.  

Lush green fields and rice paddies dotted with small villages make up much of the landscape in-between the sprawling cities, and there are some staggeringly beautiful national parks with exceptional scenery. Then there are beaches, bays, waterfalls and other natural attractions that entice tourists and travellers from around the world to stay in Vietnam for months, just so they can see everything.  These will be all yours to enjoy over the time of TEFL contract in Vietnam.

Tons of TEFL jobs and plenty of private tutor gigs

Sorry school-leavers, you must have a BA degree to get a work permit to teach TEFL. So, fill out that university application and get cracking, because it’s worth it even it’s just to go TEFL in Vietnam. There are thousands of jobs in hundreds of language schools in and around the main cities, and even though Vietnam is already a very popular destination for TEFL, the economy is growing rapidly, and with it, the demand for TEFL teachers. There are always TEFL jobs on offer, and they can pay very well when you get some experience behind you! There is also a considerable demand for private tutors, and you can earn up to $20 an hour

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